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Why should Cebu and National developers Invest in Davao and CDO
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Are you a starting Developer ? or a veteran when it comes to developing real estate? Got all the materials you need but don’t know where to start? Think about it, Why not go to Cagayan De Oro or Davao,  and invest on low cost housing and condominiums? I for one think it’s a great idea. Filipinos now a days are looking for places to stay, build homes, move in with families and start a new chapter, being a developer means you are part of the process that makes this happen. Now why Davao? why Cagayan De Oro ? These questions will have you pondering for a good amount of time, so let me give you hints on why invest in these two major cities in Mindanao, Davao and CDO Investment.


Cagayan De Oro city “the melting pot of Mindanao”. The location is  perfect in becoming a business hub in all part of Northern Mindanao. Near loads of tourist attractions in the northern area. Cagayan De Oro has a reported income of 1.8 Billion PHP in the fiscal year of 2010.  Surprisingly for a City without lots of tall buildings that is quite high. Mainly because CDO focuses on Agriculture, Tourism and Hospitality Industries. It would be really unwise to turn a blind eye on such a great hub for investments, I mean what more could you ask for, It has a great economy for both local Filipinos and Foreigners to live or even invest on real estate properties,Davao and CDO Investment2.


Davao, I could write a book about the many benefits on living in Davao City. Dubbed many names, “City of Royalties”, “King City of the South” and “The Crown Jewel of Mindanao”. Its nicknames wasn’t just given for show, the city got those names because it has one of the best economy in the Philippines and not just that, Davao also has a very low crime rate of only >1%, that is Outstanding.

It doesn’t stop there, Davao also has world class social services, Its 911 rescue system is 1 of only 3 in the world today. Great tourists attractions, reason why Davao is flocked with tourist year in and year out. Considered to be one of the cleanest City in the Philippines. Davao has so much to give. That is why people not only Local Filipinos but also Foreign people want to live in Davao City. I could actually go on and on and on about the many wonderful things Davao has to offer. but let us get straight to the point. Investing on low cost housing, condominium and etc, a guaranteed success.

Well that pretty much sums up how good Davao and CDO Investment are. Loads of great benefits for both your real estate investment and your possible clients, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.





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