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Davao City – being the Philippine’s largest city in terms of land area and now the home of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte. Davao City continues to grow as a city and develop in terms of economic enterprise and infrastructures. These are the main reasons why Davao City is best for investment.

Davao City is the 5thsafest city in the world.

According to a survey that was released, Davao City is the 5thsafest city in the world, improving  from its 9thplace ranking last month. Because of good governance, Davao City has managed the peace and order credited by the President Rodrigo Duterte, who was the former mayor of the city. Why is it the safest city? One of these that late at night, Dabawenyos and tourists like Foreigners can walk freely in the streets without worrying about the security. There were police mobiles roving around the city with equipped hundreds of CCTV Cameras.

Linkages and Accessibility

Davao is located in Southeastern part of the Philippines. It has linkages to major points of destination not only in the country but also to the rest of the world. Davao City serves as gateway to the East Asean Countries with direct flights to Singapore and Indonesia. Seaports, fishports complex serve both inbound and outbound passenger traffic and domestic and foreign cargo traffic.

Perfect Weather

Davao City is a non-prone to typhoons because of the location of Davao City in which Davao City is the best for investment because of the comfortable weather. It is more conducive for business like agriculture, real estate business and other business activities.

Fruit Basket of the Country

Davao City is one of the biggest exporters of Banana in Asia. Almost kinds of fruits grow in the city that are in abundance like mango, mangosteen, pineapple and other fruits that includes delectible delights. Davao City is famous for its exotic fruit which it is called “Durian”.

Investor-Friendly City

Investors are well taken cared of Davao City. The local government are very hands on the investors to provide them the so called ‘red carpet” to starting business as easy as possible. Davao City is conducive for investment because of various investment opportunities.

Smoke – Free City

Davao City is taking the lead among cities in Southeast Asia that implementing a smoke free regulation in public places. Davao City is an example for taking the smoke-free agenda in the Philippines because of its successful implementing its comprehensive anti-smoke ordinance. Davao City has been named the first smoke-free city in Southeast Asia.

Home of the Best Professionals and Laborers

Davao City is home of the best professionals and laborers in Southern Philippines. Its human resources are touted as competent, highly literate, English-speaking and very cost-effective. Davao City is the biggest producer of engineers, computer programmer, medical practitioners, accountants, lawyers and other skilled labor in the region.

Business Competitiveness

Davao City makes it attractive to businesses because the rates of public utilities, real estate, rentals for commercial spaces, accomodations, labor raw materials and other business needs are almost cheaper in Davao City. This factor is seem dynamic in reaching a successful return on investments.

A Responsive and Looking-Forward Local Government

Davao City is very supportive on developmental projects. Infrastructure modernization such as the International Airport of Davao, roads, bridges and seaports are conserved to guarantee advancement and quality of business.

Regional Center of Southern Philippines

Davao City is the center in Mindanao when it comes to business, finance, and education. The city accommodate five top universities including the University of  the Philippines – Davao Campus. The city also take in multiple branches of national banks and financial institutions.

With all these accounts that in mind, Davao City are now actively demonstrate the  trade by the Philippines leading real estate developers. Davao City continue to recognize for people development in welfare, economic growth, security, environmental protection, good governance and many other legislative that are being correspond across the country. Invest now in Davao City.


Credited by: May Liza Abella, Fullworth Millennials Blogger



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