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Fullworth Properties and Realty Elite Business Excellence Award 2017


Fullworth Properties and Realty,  a sister company of CebuFirst, has received Elite Business Excellence Award 2017. Since its grand opening in July 2015, Fullworth has been making noise in the Mindanao Region, giving it a name for itself. Fullworth Properties and Realty aims to serve the increasing demands of real estate investors and direct buyers who wish to have properties owned in Mindanao. Having sold many low cost housing, condominium units in Davao City, Cagayan De Oro City, Pagadian City, and many more. The company’s hard work led it to gaining the award.


No stranger to the Real Estate business the company’s owner and founding Directors, who are Mr. Bonifacio “Bhonie” Alia who is a consistent top sales perform and have collected many accolades in his many years as a broker, with the accompaniment of his wife Mrs. Evelyn Sinadjan Alia who also is a top performing broker with recognition  from many companies and developers all over the Philippines. Thanks to their constant guidance the company blossomed in the south, making it one of the top performing companies in the south, thus giving it The Elite Business Excellence Award of 2017. Fullworth Properties and Realty has great market in the Real Estate Industry, thus making it a hub for future Brokers or Real Estate Agents. Real Estate has hit the Mindanao area, now if you’re looking for quality service, quality assurance and the right info to all your possible property ventures, or you want help to get you property sold, the Fullworth Properties and Realty is the place for you. Even if you are new in being an agent or a veteran when it comes to real estate, Fullworth has no shortage of amenities and supply that can give you a big boost in selling to your clients and closing deals.

One main factor why Fullworth has grown in the past couple of years is because of the recent ranking of Davao City in the TOP 5 safest City to live in. This factor is one of the reasons why Developers are willing, investing and going out of their comfort zones, and Investing in places Outside of Metro Manila and Cebu City. Fullworth has been a great beneficiary of this investments from developers all over the country, to the reasons of having first class clientele services, great working environment and giving the buyers and or sellers a hassle free negotiation with their possible clients. Fullworth Properties and Realty has many things to offer, it truly deserves The Elite Business Excellence Award 2017.


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